Students ‘spread the love’ through personal messages



A student-led campaign is on a mission to promote positivity and unity in the Saint Mary’s University community.


The campaign, Spread the Love, is housed under the university’s Writing Initiatives and aims to reach out to individuals of the university community in a unique, meaningful way.


Given the current atmosphere of divisiveness, anger, and intolerance in this country, the campaign team believes now is a crucial time to start such an initiative.


“When you look around and see everyone breaking off into camps of ‘us versus them’ and being so unwilling to even talk to one another, it’s clear action needs to be taken,” said student leader of the campaign, McKayla Collins. “We’re hoping this campaign will unify our community and show people they are welcomed and appreciated.”


The campaign team will create unique, handwritten messages with an accompanying button recipients can keep. Every person of the university community is encouraged to submit names of individuals they wish to “spread the love” to.


Submissions can be sent via private message to the Spread the Love Facebook page (@smumnSTL). Campaign leaders ask that all submissions include an individual’s first and last name, campus mailbox number, and qualities about the individual that should be highlighted.


McKayla Collins, Kate Dulak, Shauna Frahm, and Jennifer Warweg are student contributors to the campaign. Dr. Peggy Johnson, director of writing initiatives, oversees the campaign.

Author: oaoste14

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