Students participate in yearly spirituality retreat

On a journey of spirituality and solidarity, 19 Saint Mary’s students embarked on a TEC retreat lasting from Feb. 16-18.

TEC stands for “together encountering Christ” and is a retreat hosted by the Office of Campus Ministry. Once a biannual retreat held the weekends before Thanksgiving and Spring Recesses, the event now occurs once a year.

The Office of Campus Ministry says the purpose of the retreat is to explore and grow in one’s spirituality in a supportive, community atmosphere. All students, religious and otherwise, are encouraged to attend the TEC retreat. The Office of Campus Ministry says at the root of the retreat is community and sharing love with one another which is something universal for all students.

Of the 19 who attended the TEC retreat, Skemp Hall Director, Megan Bisson, joined to assist those running the retreat and have her first experience with this retreat as well.

“I’ve been on my fair share of church retreats, but this one was unique in that there are a lot of surprises that happen – I don’t want to say too much or give something away – but with this being my first TEC experience, I didn’t quite know what to expect,” Bisson said. “Even though I was on the helping side of things and I knew what was happening, I didn’t know how it would all unfold.”

Another big aspect of the TEC retreat the Office of Campus Ministry emphasizes is the ability to disconnect from outside distractions, share feelings of community and love, and have lots of fun doing it.

Bisson said of the TEC atmosphere, “There was lots of dancing, singing, snacks, and staying up late with each other,” she said. “It had a unique combination of a conference, retreat-type feel and a summer camp-type feel.”

Though the TEC retreat is about three days long, Bisson explained how she saw students grow individually and develop relationships over the course of the retreat. She said, “It was really cool to see even in the couple days the retreat takes place, there is a community that is bound together from it.”




McKayla Collins

Senior Writer

Author: oaoste14

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