Peer Ministers Spend Winter Retreat in Lake City

From Jan. 12-14, the peer ministers went to Lake City for their winter retreat.

Eight students attended the retreat. The purpose of this retreat was to provide the peer ministers some tools in order to help them better know themselves and eventually to be able to promote community life in their works in the campus Ministry.

To achieve that purpose, Colleen and Kirsten, the coordinators of this group, invited Martha Buelt to lead the retreat. As a trained counselor, she used the Clifton Strengths Assessment to help the participants discover their five top talents and strengths.

Group discussion was the way by which everyone shared his findings with others. Beyond that, the time was devoted to silence, prayer and some experience sharing as a peer minister. The sense of humor and collaboration made this time meaningful for those who attended. 

                 The peer ministers pose for a group photo during their retreat.  


Brother Guillaume Yame

Staff Writer

Author: oaoste14

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