Presenter Encourages Diversity Discussion Through MLK Jr. Day Talk

The Saint Mary’s community was invited to attend an MLK Jr. Day performance by renowned writer/performer and artistic director Carlyle Brown last Monday.


Brown’s presentation, “Acting Black,” was a mixture between spoken word, powerpoint, and comedy and focused on the roots of racism in America. It gave the audience an opportunity to delve into the role of diversity throughout history, especially in theater. He grasped the audience through his fresh wit and broke down deep insights into the societal implications of racism.


The performance, which lasted an hour, ended with a robust discussion amongst the attendees on the ways we can, as a community, contribute to the healing of racial discrepancies in our culture. Brown facilitated this discussion and encouraged audience members to participate and share.


Brown’s performance was held in the Page Theater and was part of the university’s MLK Jr. Day celebration on Jan. 15. Class schedules were altered so that all could attend.


Brown speaks to the Saint Mary’s community on Jan. 15.



Olivia Osterbauer



Author: oaoste14

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