Odds, ends, and everything in between

With over 100 years of history under its belt, the campus Saint Mary’s University carries many reminders of the past and some intriguing secrets as well.

Take a gander at some of the strange marvels that leave their mark on campus.

This doorway in the hillside on the road to St. Yon’s Hall was once used as a vegetable cellar to store goods harvested from a community farm where St. Joseph’s hall is currently located.


This was the original entrance to the library and was used until the McEnery Center was built and the entrance shifted to face the plaza.


This dumbwaiter can been seen tucked off to the side of first floor Saint Mary’s Hall. It was used to transport dishes to and from the dining hall above when the Christian Brothers resided in Saint Mary’s Hall.


On the first floor of the Fitzgerald Library, the drawers of the old catalog system remain. Before going online, the library kept the call numbers for every book and hard-copy item it carried in these drawers for students to sift through when looking for a specific one.


At the start of the path to “The Rock” and just above Champion’s Hill sits the remnants of a motor vehicle left there long ago.


This sign marks the original entrance of Saint Mary’s on the road leading to St. Yon’s Hall. This entrance to campus was used until the current entrance was established further up Highway 14.


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