Entrepreneur emphasizes finding excitement in a career

Be comfortable with trying new things, take chances, it might not be right the first time, were the pieces of advice a business owner and entrepreneur gave to students for finding the right career path at a October 27 presentation.

Meredith Speier, founder of market research company called InSpeier, expressed her passion for the business world and how different entrepreneurs have helped shape her career, “My story is a story of entrepreneurship, marketing, and business right from the start.”

Speier struggled finding a job that suited her needs of an organization, and eventually ended up leaving the corporate world entirely to start her own business.

“I decided two things: I wanted to get a master’s degree … the other thing I decided was to do something bigger than that, I wanted to start something of my own,” she said.

Speier cautioned students that starting a business and managing one’s time is not always easy, especially being a mother of 4 and working more than sixty hours a week, but that it was rewarding nonetheless.

Inspeier, Speier’s company, gives insights to other companies about what consumers like and dislike about their products. She explained that her success is largely due to her passion for her work and emphasized the importance of students being happy with the path that they chose. Speier said, “I think they (clients) keep hiring me because I love it and get excited for it.”

Speier concluded by leaving students with advice for preparing themselves for the business world, “Winners are people who make mistakes and learn from them; losers blame others for their mistakes.”


Kate Dulak

Staff Writer

Author: macoll14

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