Halloween costumes to suit any budget

With Halloween a week away, the pressure is on to find a great costume.

However, if working with a budget that resembles a broke college student, it may be hard to come up with something creative that fits the price range.

Well, have no fear! Below is a list of simple, fun costume ideas that won’t break the bank. All costume pieces pictured are courtesy of the local Goodwill.

First on the list of ideas: “Grease.” Simply throw on a mid-length skirt and short-sleeved skirt (for girls), or jeans and a white t-shirt (for guys). Pair with these great accessories for a throwback, fifties look. Each accessory rings in at under $8.

Polka dot sunglasses.

Funky checkered earrings.

Ankle-cut poodle socks.

“Greaser” switch blade comb.

Guy’s sunglasses and sideburns set.

Next on the list is a scary, sassy witch. Use any dark-colored dress, throw on a pointed hat for $4.99, and spice it up with some luscious fake eyelashes for $2.99.

This entire costume is possible for under $10. It also allows for endless customizations with the use of wild makeup.

Purple witch’s hat.

Fake eyelash set.

Third on the costume list is steampunk, or a fusion or Victorian ear fashions with science fiction style.

For this costume, look for black jeans, black overcoats, ruffled black skirts, leather belts, top hats, chain – just find anything black. Dig it all out and add any of the following accessories, all under $10 a piece, for a bold, dark costume.

This is another costume where every day makeup can be used to create a unique look. Don’t be afraid to get bold with eyeliner.

Miniature top hat.

Robot-inspired monocle.

Mechanical gears hair clip.

Pocket watch on a clip.

This costume is designed with animal lovers in mind and it doesn’t get any easier. A pair of ears and a set of whiskers for under $10 creates the pur-fect cat ensemble.

Plush ears, tail, and bow tie.

Strap-on whiskers.

If none of the above costumes sound appealing, or if looking for a costume that’s good enough to eat, Goodwill has the perfect fit: a giant doughnut suit. This easy costume costs $9.99 and requires next to no effort on the part of the wearer.

Pink doughnut suit.


Sarah Walker

Staff Writer

Author: macoll14

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