The Last Stretch: Countdown to Finals

The light at the end of the tunnel is now starting to become more visible!

With many different big events happening in our world today on top of our daily college schedules including the Presidential Campaign and then the Election, it’s safe to say it’s been a hectic semester.

But the end is near. Yesterday, Winona experienced our first Winter Snow and it was beautiful and only means one thing: It’s December. Which means… Finals.

Ah, finals. A crazy time when students who maybe had never set foot into the library all semester, have now packed a bag and have plans to never leave their spot during the Finals Frenzy.

While the Finals Days themselves are stressful, some argue that the weeks leading up to finals are almost worse. With clubs rounding out their semesters with last minute events, classes having papers and exams before the final, and sports teams still having to practice and compete, it’s easy to understand why.

But there is nothing better than the feeling of that Tuesday after finals are done when students make a mad dash back to their dorm rooms and see how fast they can pack their things and get on the road home. I know for me at least, that feeling is the sole motivation for me these next few weeks.

Official countdown:

Finals: 11 days

Winter Break: 16 days

Christmas: 21 days

Keep up the good work Cardinals!

Author: gkvanb13

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