Blue Angel Recap

Last weekend, Friday the 11th through Saturday the 12th, was the annual Blue Angel variety show hosted by the music fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, here on campus.

Treasurer of the fraternity, Michael Flicek, along with the rest of the fraternity brothers, were very busy in the weeks before the show with rehearsal and set up. Flicek explained that most of the Brothers were involved in the show as well as the ones responsible for the setup and operation of the show.

Overall, Flicek was very happy with the turnout this year. “The show was really well attended, and the crowds–especially during the late shows–were electric. As a performer, it’s always a lot easier playing on stage when you look out and see a crowd dancing and having a good time,” Flicek said.

But this year, the show was a little more special than usual. It was the 50th anniversary show for Blue Angel. To help celebrate this, the show really revolved around the alumni and the past and present Phi Mu Alpha Brothers.“Every year during Blue Angel, alumni try to come back and support current students, with the majority of alumni being recent graduates. This year–the 50th–brought to campus over 100 alumni of all ages, including the original OLDIE MOLDIE ALL-STARS,” Flicek said. “It was so special seeing guys who hadn’t seen each other in years catch up and celebrate their time spent during their college years at Saint Mary’s. There was also an alumni dinner, which recognized Bob Fisher and Lance Thompson–both brothers–for their outstanding hard work and dedication to the chapter.”

There were many student acts this year that captures the audience’s attention besides the beloved, Oldie Moldies. “The all-around quality of the show was fantastic. I think it was honestly one of the best shows I’ve been a part of or have seen during my time at SMU.  In terms of the student show, it was fun seeing new students put together acts, as well as familiar faces performing in their last Blue Angel,” Flicek said. “In the first act of the alumni show, alumni from all different eras rocked out on stage. In the second act, the current Oldie Moldies opened, the Oldies of the early 2000s continued the show, and the original Oldies capped off the alumni show, bringing almost everyone from the crowd of well over 200 people to their feet during an encore of Twist and Shout.”

Wanted to be a performer in a variety show but missed your chance for Blue Angel? Your luck hasn’t run out yet! There are two more shows, Fireside and Gaslight, later in the year that are very similar to Blue Angel.

Author: gkvanb13

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