Clowns on college campuses

Shannon Genereau

Entertainment Editor

These days, the word Halloween brings to mind thoughts of crazy costumes, lots of candy, a couple pranks, and the occasional thought of upcoming Thanksgiving. One thing that does not come to mind is the idea of clowns. More specifically, clowns on college campuses.

The base of the problem comes from the unwanted appearance of clowns. They have been showing up on campuses across the nation. Usually, they are unarmed, simply hoping to give students a good scare before they can get caught.

According to a recent article by CNN writer Frank T. McAndrew, clowns started making appearances on college campuses in the 1980s. It was around this time that Stephen King’s novel, It, about a scary, murderous clown, was released. This prompted a heightened awareness of clowns. King’s novel is not the only fictional work on horrific clowns. There have been a number of others through the years that help to keep people’s fears of clowns alive and well, including “Killer Klowns from Outer Space,” “Zombieland,” and “All Hallow’s Eve,” all films which include terror-inducing clowns (McAndrew).

Even Saint Mary’s University has had its own clown incident. In early October, a clown showed up on campus near Saint Yon’s Hall. In order to handle the situation, Campus Safety was alerted as to what was happening, and one of the Campus Safety workers went to asses the situation. They sent out an email informing the student body of what was occurring, and handled the situation smoothly.

A big part of going to college, in any state and on any campus, is feeling safe as a student. Campus Safety can be a big part of that feeling. With the phones spread throughout campus and the ability to contact Campus Safety via phone at any time, it makes it a lot easier to feel safe on campus.

Halloween may be a fun holiday, a chance to be someone else for a night. But at the end of the day, being safe is just as important. Clowns may be on some campuses, but knowing that there are people there to keep campus safe can make the difference from fearing for your life and having the time of your life. 

Author: gkvanb13

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