Weekly Interview- Aidan Goodman: A Coffee Connoisseur

Michael Flicek

Staff Writer

It’s that time of the day again — a time we’ve all come to know and love. For some, this time of the day is the first conscious attempt to combat wildly violent yawns or morning grogginess. For others, this time is critical to the success of completing huge assignments that have been put off until the night before they’re due.  


Personally, this time of the day is sacred, almost ritualistic and, when completed, is when I am at the peak of my happiness and productivity.


If you haven’t guessed what time this is yet, it’s “coffee hour.” And who better to get caffeinated with than everyone’s favorite barista on campus: Aidan Goodman, formerly known as the Mugby Boy.


On Wednesday, I had a chance to sit down — over a Cup of Joe — with Aidan and ask him some coffee-related questions. So sit back, relax, cocoon yourself with your favorite blankets in your comfiest chair, and raise your mug to the one and only, Mr. Aidan Goodman.


Cardinal: Hi, Aidan. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.


Aidan: Sure; anything for a friend.


C: Now, I don’t want to speak on behalf of the entire student body, but I think it’s safe to say there are some questions lingering in the back of everyone’s mind regarding coffee on campus.


A: One second, there’s a bee (a bee buzzes near Aidan).


C: Ok. Ok. Mugby is now a Caribou. That being said, tell us about what sort of changes have been made to the menu.


A: The only thing that has changed is the beans. We used to get them from Pickwick Farm, but now they are supplied from Caribou, so it’s less local and more regional.


C: So you’re telling me I can still get my favorite specialty drinks?


A: Yep, all of those older drinks: zebra mochas, strawberry-banana smoothies, whatever.


C: And, perhaps more importantly, how should we address you? Has your title been changed to the Caribou-Coffee Boy? Or? …. It just doesn’t have the same jingle it used to.


A: You can now call me… “Barista Supreme” or Aidan; that’s fine as well. You’re right about the jingle, though. It’s not as catchy.


C: What’s your favorite coffee drink of all time?


A: A triple-breve-cappuccino mocha with half the chocolate.


C: Could you translate that?


A: Three shots of espresso, a pump of chocolate, foamy half-and-half steamed.  


C: Tell me about your time as a barista at Chadz:


A: No comment.


C: When you’re not behind the counter making coffee for all of us, what else do you do on campus?


A: It doesn’t matter if I don’t have my coffee.

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