Weekly student interview: Matthew Vasilj

This week, I met with sophomore Matthew Vasilj. He is an International Business major with a History minor. In addition to a full slate of classes, Vasilj competes in the hurdles for Saint Mary’s track team and he’s a resident adviser in Saint Edward’s Hall. He’s also a leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on campus.

Cardinal: How would you describe your experience at SMUMN?

Matthew Vasilj: Saint Mary’s has been a very welcoming and supportive community for me. I like the smaller classes because we can get into in-depth conversations.

C: What is your dream job?

MV: I would really enjoy owning my own vineyard and selling wines.

C: What has been your favorite class so far?

MV: English Composition, I really liked the professor.

C: Where is your favorite study spot on campus?

MV: Second floor of the Fitzgerald Library

C: What is a change that you would like to see here at SMU?

MV: I wish the weight room was bigger.

C: What campus event are you most looking forward to?

MV: I’m excited about the concert on campus although I don’t have a strong preference about which singer or band comes to SMUMN.

C: Are you registered to vote in the upcoming presidential election?

MV: Yes, I registered when I was 18.

C: Do you know which party you are voting for?

MV: I’m currently undecided.

C: What could the candidates do to earn your vote?

MV: If one of the candidates stopped being arrogant that would make me more likely to vote for them.


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