Weekly Student Interview: Christina Weldai

The Cardinal is starting something new! Each week we will randomly interview one student and ask their opinions on certain topics.

This week, I sat down with international student Christina Weldai. A senior Psychology major with minors in Criminal Justice and General Business, Weldai has a full schedule when it comes to daily life at Saint Mary’s. She is captain of the swim team, a member of the water polo team, an active participant in Big and Little Pals, and a member of Psi Chi Honor Society. On campus, she lives in Residencia Santiago Miller, but she is originally from London, England.

Cardinal: How would you describe your experience here at SMU thus far?

Christina Weldai: Very different, good different. It has allowed me to be more independent and take myself out of my comfort zone. I love the small class sizes and the overall structure of the classes because it works for me.

C: What is your dream job?

CW: Probably being a child psychiatrist, but I am still deciding.

C: What has your favorite class been so far?

CW: My piano class because I wish I had learned to play earlier.

C: Where is your favorite, secret study spot on campus?

CW: Fourth Floor in Saint Mary’s Hall.

C: What is a change that you would like to see here at SMU?

CW: I would love there to be more washers and dryers in the New Village (RSM)

C: What is a change that you would like to see in the world?

CW: A better effort in educating every child.

C: What is a meal that you would want to see in the caf?

CW: Authentic fish and chips. Wrapped in newspaper.

C: What is your relationship with the bluffs on campus?

CW: I love them. It is the best part of Saint Mary’s to me. I find peace in my long walks through the trails.

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