Fr. Gregory Boyle visits Winona campus

Grace Van Beest, Matthew Clayton

Editor in Chief and Staff Writer

Father Gregory Boyle, the College Convocation speaker and author of the book “Tattoos on the Heart,” came to Saint Mary’s University to give a presentation to students and faculty last Tuesday.

Father Boyle founded Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, CA, which provides support and guidance to formerly gang-involved and previously incarcerated men and women. Father Boyle works every day to try to change these people’s lives and give them options for getting their lives back on track, even though he said, “I don’t save their lives, they save mine.”

He based his talk on two main things: kinship and mutuality. On his visit to Winona he brought two “homies” from Homeboy Industries with him.


Student Leaders at Dinner reception for Fr. Boyle
Photo Curtesy of Dr. Mary Fox

One of the homies, Mario, was asked a question by a woman in the crowd and he became emotional and responded, saying, “I hope my children aren’t like me,” but then the woman stood and said, “I hope my kids are like you.” The presentation resulted in a standing ovation on that note, truly showing the impact that Father Boyle has had.


Faculty and Staff at dinner reception for Fr. Boyle
Photo Curtesy of Dr. Mary Fox

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