Celebration of Scholarship Day recognizes academic excellence

By Allison Christensen,



The academic achievements of Saint Mary’s undergraduate students were recognized in 118 presentations during the Celebration of Scholarship on Friday, April 22.

Over 150 students presented their research, internship experiences, theses, projects, academic papers, and more. For senior Crystal Gehring, this presentation was the culmination of months of work in the field taking water samples for her environmental biology thesis.

“It was very gratifying to do the presentation,” said Gehring. “Even though it was stressful, it felt good to wrap everything up and present my work.”

Over 100 parents, grandparents and siblings visited campus to attend the presentations.

The day ended with the Honors Convocation in the Page Theatre. Brother William Mann, president, reflected on a group project he had during his college years, in a freshman science class.

“Teamwork is something that helped me excel in an area that wasn’t my excellence,” said Brother William. “What I couldn’t do by myself I could do quite well with the help of a couple of my friends.”

Honor society members were recognized and 37 students received awards for outstanding academic work in their fields.


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