Raising awareness for those in need

By Brigette Audette and Blake Matuska



The students in LCT 375 Global Issues created campaigns and fundraisers to bring awareness of the Israel-Palestine conflict to the Saint Mary’s University community.

The awareness campaign was held on Wednesday, March 30, in Saint Mary’s Hall. The class is intended to teach students about the difficulties the Palestinians and Israelis face every day and why they face them. This is done through reading and presenting articles on the subject, watching documentaries, class discussion, and hearing first-hand stories from the instructor, Dr. Dorothy Diehl. This semester, students were also given the opportunity to have a video chat with students from Palestine and were able to ask them any questions they had regarding their situation.

The restriction of freedom of movement is one of the many things Palestinians deal with on a day-to-day basis. Checkpoints, physical obstructions, and forbidden roads appear in multiple places in the West Bank and are enforced by Israel. They separate the Jewish settlers from the Palestinians and make it so the Palestinians are not allowed on certain roads. These restrictions are what gives Israel the control over Palestinian movement in the West Bank. This makes it a lot harder for Palestinians to travel, for students to go to school, and even for people to get to the hospital. All of these things are done by the Israeli government to insure that no Palestinian terrorists enter into Israel.

The main goal of the campaign was to spread information about the things that have happened and are still happening in Palestine. Many in the class hope that once people are made aware of the things that are occurring in Palestine, they will want to contribute in any way possible to aiding those in need. The class donated $100 to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), a non-political organization that offers medical missions, treatment abroad, and humanitarian programs. PCRF helps doctors aid children and treat those in need of surgery in the Middle East.

Author: The Cardinal

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