Learn how to network (network, network) with Career Services

By Emily Loof,

Copy Editor


The Career Services and Internships Office is offering a workshop about professional networking in Hendrickson Center Lab 23 on Feb. 11 at 3:30 p.m. The workshop was rescheduled due to last week’s blizzard, so if you thought you might have missed it, fear not!

Director of Career Services and Internships Michael Hagarty explains what students should expect and why they should attend.

Cardinal staff: What is the purpose of the “Networking, Networking, Networking” workshop?

Michael Hagarty: First, this workshop is one of a series of three workshops for seniors and other career-minded students to help them prepare for the world of work once they graduate—covering all the essential steps and tools they’ll need to succeed. We will talk about how to approach people, what to ask when networking, and how to use LinkedIn to grow your professional network for life.

CS: What would you say to a student who might be reluctant to come?

H: The two most common reasons people are reluctant to attend the networking workshop are “I already know how to network/I have lots of friends” or, curiously, “I don’t know how to network and I’m too shy to learn—he might make me talk to people.” Professional networking is a unique skill that most students have little experience with. Regardless of where students are with their confidence or ability to network, there are essential skills they need to learn.

CS: Even though the workshop is part of the Senior Seminar series, do you think younger students can benefit from the workshop as well?

H: Absolutely! Anyone who wants to prepare for their career should come to this workshop; the sooner you begin networking, the greater chances are you will be able to land the right-fit opportunity after graduation. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors—and even faculty and staff—are welcome to attend!

CS: What is the one quick thing you want students to know about the workshop?

H: Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Actually, it’s both. You have to become qualified to get these jobs, but you also have to know how to leverage the relationships you have (or will have) in order to find the best opportunity for you. It has been said that 75 percent of jobs are found and landed through networking. That means that 75 percent of your job-seeking strategy should involve networking. It’s that important. Come to the workshop so you can sharpen this career-readiness skill!

The workshop will also be available on Tegrity for those who are unable to attend. The third and final session in the Senior Seminar series is titled “Interviewing, Negotiating, and Landing a Job” and will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 16 at 3:30 p.m. in Hendrickson Center Lab 23.

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