Graduating seniors celebrate the end of a journey

By Allison Christensen,



The senior class gathered with faculty members on Monday, Dec. 7 to celebrate the ending of their undergraduate careers at Saint Mary’s. Class members voted for the peers they felt were most deserving of being honored as Outstanding Senior Male and Female. The atmosphere was cheerful and energetic as students discussed their plans with faculty members and expressed high hopes for the future.  


Seniors voting

The seniors voted for Outstanding Senior Male and Female
Photo by Allison Christensen

“I’ve received so much encouragement from my peers and teachers, combined with a wide variety of classes, that it has made me feel confident in my own abilities as a musician,” said Sydney Larson.

Emily Blazer opened the evening with a prayer. The 18 December graduates were recognized by Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Donna Aronson and received their diplomas from President Brother William.

Brother William began his address to the audience by saying, “A door is opening. Hopefully it’s not closing.” Although the seniors are finishing their undergraduate degrees at Saint Mary’s and moving on to higher education or beginning careers, Brother William expressed hope that the door to Saint Mary’s and education would not close for them.


Senior gathering
Photo by Allison Christensen

He continued with the theme of doors and encouraged students to help those who ask for it — because you never know who is on the path to success. “You don’t know who you’re going to be working with when you get out of here. You don’t know who knocks at your door,” he said. Brother William used the founder of Winona’s Fastenal Company as an example, who asked 30 people for help before starting the hugely successful business with four high school friends.

Finally, Brother William encouraged the seniors to remain true to the Saint Mary’s mission of leading “ethical lives of service and leadership.”


Senior gathering

The seniors shared memories and stories with the friends they have made at Saint Mary’s.
Photo by Allison Christensen

“I hope the education at Saint Mary’s has prepared you to be someone who knows how to open a door. To look outside and see someone who doesn’t have the courage or the strength to knock. But they’re at your door because they know how good you are,” said Brother William.

Senior Rachel Waletzko enjoyed attending the reception with friends she had made over the past four years and summed up her Saint Mary’s experience in three words: “Community. Support. Love.”

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