Global Issues class campaigns for children’s rights awareness


— By Grace Van Beest,

Copy Editor —


Attention, students! Children’s rights is an issue that needs our attention.

There are children in developing countries who are growing up in places that are very unstable. Some of these children grow up without parents, either because they have been abandoned or because their parents were killed as a result of war or conflict.

Because war and conflict are all these children know, their mentality and overall view and perspective of the world are skewed. These children are malnourished, homeless, forced to become child soldiers, and few have access to an education. Oftentimes, education comes second to helping provide for their families. In some cases, it is the responsibility of the older siblings to take care of and provide for their younger siblings. Sometimes that means an eight-year-old must take care of a newborn baby.

Children grow up to be wary of law enforcement. In most areas where conflict is high, law enforcement systems are corrupt. As a result of this, security guards and police officers cannot always be trusted to protect or assist people and children in need. Many starving children who steal food because they do not have any other means of feeding themselves die as a result of police brutality when they are caught.

The LCT 375 Global Issues class discusses issues that children have to deal with every day. For some in the class, it is the first time they have heard about these issues in detail. As college students, it can be difficult for us to focus on and understand what is happening in other places outside of our social circles because many of these issues are not publicized or documented.

However, there are organizations, such as UNICEF, that work toward children’s rights and make sure that they have access to the resources they need, such as education and a stable place to live. It is really easy to get involved: you just have to talk about it, a lot. Nothing is going to change in these children’s lives if no one hears their stories. The more people are aware of human rights issues around the world, the more likely it is that companies, such as UNICEF, will use their power to enact change.

Over the next few weeks, the Global Issues classes are fundraising around campus for children’s rights. Stop by our tables to learn more information and to help out the cause! We all have been fortunate for the opportunities that we have had thus far; let’s work to make sure that all children have access to these opportunities as well.


UPDATE 12:15 p.m. — This article incorrectly stated that Chloe Morrison was the author.

Author: The Cardinal

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