Timber!: A lumberjack-tastic success

— By Shannon Genereau,

Cardinal Staff —


On Wednesday night, a group of acrobats from Quebec by the name of Cirque Alfonse came to  the Page Theatre. Their performance, “Timber!,” was a smashing success that left the audience in a standing ovation.

The group, consisting of acrobat Antoine Carabinier-Lépine, dancer Julie Carabinier-Lépine, acrobat Jonathan Casaubon, acrobat Francis Roberge, actor Alain Carabinier, musician Josianne Laporte, musician André Gagné, musician/musical composer David Simard, and little three-year-old acrobat Arthur Casaubon, comes from a town by the name of Saint-Alfonse-Rodriguez in Quebec. With clear traditional country roots in their lumberjack dressing style, the group comes together time and again to provide a wonderful performance.



Photo by Cirque Alfonse

From the first song, sung in French by dancer Julie Carabinier-Lépine, the troupe had the attention of the audience. Tranquil beginnings gave way to humorous chaos as the tempo of the music picked up. The initial beginning of the performance concluded with the first few rows of the audience getting showered by a mix of chopped vegetables, much to their surprise.  

From there, the performers graced the stage with a number of hilarious snippets, with so much going on that it was nearly difficult to decide what to watch. Throughout the entire performance, music kept pace to the stunts and dancing of the group.

Of course, what would a group of lumberjack acrobats be without axes? During several nerve-wracking moments, the audience watched as axes were thrown back and forth, as well as juggled by the fearless performers.



Photo by Cirque Alfonse

To further ramp up the stunts, two of the male performers used a two-man wood saw to cut a bit of wood off a log before proceeding to swing in a circle with the saw while other males in the group took turns jumping and cartwheeling over the blade. From the audience side of things, it was certainly enthralling.

More axes were used in even more daring ways, even going so far as to throw them around one of the performers at one point. Additionally, one of the male performers did various leaps and stunts while on a log, first a thinner one and then a sturdier one.

Despite being filled with exciting stunts and humor throughout, a change of pace came when one of the male performers and dancer Julie Carabinier-Lépine danced together with the help of some hanging ropes. It was absolutely beautiful to watch, and it seemed even more elegant in comparison to the daring stunts of the acrobats.



Photo by Cirque Alfonse

To conclude the performance, three of the male acrobats performed several stunts that required incredible strength and trust in each other. From start to finish, the show was an amazing experience for those who watched. Cirque Alfonse brought a memorable night to those who attended “Timber!,” all done while dressed like lumberjacks.

Theresa Remick, managing director of the Performance Center, felt that the show was a success. “The cast and crew of Timber! were an incredibly talented and hard-working team that created a thrilling night for everyone involved. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the 29th season of the Page Series.”


Did you miss the show? Check out this video by Cirque Alfonse.


Author: The Cardinal

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