SMUMN SOUL trips offer great experiences

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During spring and fall breaks, students have the chance to participate in SOUL (Serving Others United in Love) trips, sponsored by Campus Ministry. Last year, for instance, a fall semester trip went to Chicago.

The president of SOUL and participant in the Chicago trip, Leanne Cleveland, said that she has been on four trips previous to last fall’s, and she has always been able to learn something new and interact with different people that she wouldn’t have been able to had it not been for the SOUL program.

The agenda for the Chicago SOUL trip was visiting homeless shelters, food pantries, a grade school to help students with assignments, and talking to individuals who were formerly incarcerated.


Chicago SOUL trip

Chicago SOUL trip participants
Photo by Leanne Cleveland

“For me, [the highlight of the trip] was the opportunity to interact with individuals who have been incarcerated. I had never had that experience and I am proud to say that SOUL provided me that opportunity,” said Cleveland.

The fall trips had low participation numbers, but the spring trips tend to have more. The SOUL council is trying to get more people involved by giving students more opportunities to attend trips. “We’re creating more opportunities for students to engage in SOUL by creating mini weekend trips that will be led and planned by our council members,” said Cleveland.

(This story was updated on 10/19/15 at 10:10 a.m. The email newsletter incorrectly stated that this year’s fall SOUL trip went to Chicago.)

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