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— By Katie Krull,

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Saint Mary’s University’s Kabara Institute recently hosted Henry Jakobsze, the president of the Saint Mary’s Alumni Association, to give students tips on moving into a career following graduation and to explain the importance of networking through organizations, such as “Cardinals Helping Cardinals.”

Jakobsze, a 1983 graduate and current Vice President of UBS Financial Services, found a start to his career through the alumni office at Saint Mary’s. He urged others to do the same. Cardinals Helping Cardinals helps connect current as well as past students with other Saint Mary’s graduates in their career path.

Jakobsze recommends using affiliation in all resumes, because many hiring personnel will consciously or subconsciously categorize applicants they have an affiliation with. For example, Chicago Blackhawks President and CEO and 1975 Saint Mary’s graduate, John McDonough, said during his visit to campus last week that, “all applicants from Saint Mary’s University move to the top of the pile for me.” The alumni office can help make that connection.

“Large companies are constantly receiving applications and resumes through mail and email; in order to stand out, pick up the phone,” said Jakobsze. When sending in resumes and applications, many may become lost. An easy way to avoid this is by following up with a phone call. “Companies are looking for people that are willing to pick up the phone instead of hiding behind an email,” said Jakobsze.

Jakobsze recommends that every person should have a written plan of a career path they would like to take. For example, he explained that Yale University did a study where graduates were polled to see whether or not they had a job lined up after graduation or a written plan of what their future might hold. Only 2% said they had a written plan, and years down the line that 2% averaged $100,000 higher in net worth than those who did not have a written plan. Over time, goals change, and so can a plan, but having it physically written down points one in the right direction.

“If you don’t have a plan of where and when you want to go, you will be pushed and pulled where others want you to go,” said Jakobsze.

It’s never too early to start planning for your next step after college. Head into the Career Services and Internships Office to learn how to get started.


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