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— By Allison Christensen,

Editor-In-Chief —

The Office of Career Services & Internships is hosting an information session about The Washington Center (TWC) on Sept. 9 at 4:15pm in Saint Mary’s Hall room 317. Internship Advisor and Data Specialist for TWC, Brian Bar, will be present to describe the Washington, D.C. internship experience and to answer student questions.

I completed this program during the spring semester of 2015 and I highly recommend it to students seeking a quality, competitive internship and an independent experience that will help you grow as a person.

TWC was very attentive to my interests and career goals when helping me find an internship site. The organization has links with hundreds of nonprofit, international, private sector, and governmental agencies.



I applied what I had learned in class during my 15-week internship, but the act of going to work every day and designing graphics, coordinating projects, communicating with my coworkers, etc. gave me more experience than a 15-week class ever could.

The connections I made at my internship site, in the program, and in various events I attended in Washington, D.C. are friends, mentors, and potential door-openers to future careers.

The internship aside, living in Washington, D.C. was a fantastic experience in and of itself. My hometown does not have a single stoplight, so moving to a city of nearly 660,000 was rather uncomfortable for me at first. Learning how to navigate the city and traveling solo taught me to be independent and more confident in myself.



My internship supervisor (right) continues to be a mentor and friend.

The one negative aspect of this experience, for me, was TWC’s intense focus on politics. Their guest speakers all worked in politics and many of our group conversations revolved around the topic. However, if you are not political, do not let this discourage you. There are ample opportunities for students to engage in activities and discussions on a wide variety of topics.

As a result of my TWC experience, I am fully confident in my job prospects following graduation and in my ability to thrive as a working professional. I strongly encourage students to attend the information session and learn more about how TWC can help prepare you for a future career.

Banner image: The Washington Center

Author: The Cardinal

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