Dakaboom and Found Footage Festival perform for welcome week

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New students and old gathered in the plaza together during Welcome Week for live entertainment and comedy. Dakaboom, an a capella comedy duo, performed on Saturday, Aug. 23, and the Found Footage Festival presented a collection of eclectic films on Monday, Aug. 25.

For Dakaboom’s Ben McLain and Paul Peglar, this was the beginning of a 70-show tour.

“You’re on the road with your best friend, which is great, for like, two weeks,” said McLain.

The pair have known each other and performed together since high school choir, where they learned how to sing a capella.


The duo found their creative niche by performing volunteer fundraising shows for their high school and by experimenting with comedy acts and more serious opera acts.

“The comedy bits killed,” said McLain.

Dakaboom still performs a Christmas show for their hometown of Santa Rosa, Calif. every year.



Dakaboom performed for a large crowd in the Plaza on Aug. 23
Photo by Allison Christensen


The Found Footage Festival’s Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett have spent 20 years salvaging VHS tapes from thrift stores, garage sales and dumpsters. They collect tapes while on tour, then take three months off every year to lock themselves in a room and watch hours upon hours of new footage, searching for the funniest exercise videos, training videos and home movies.

Prueher enjoys showing his film collection to a college audience.

“It’s fun to have a new generation be exposed to these relics from the past. Everyone likes laughing at their parents’ generation,” said Prueher.


Found Footage Festival

The Found Footage Festival took students on a guided tour through 20 years’ worth of VHS films
Photo by Allison Christensen


Prueher and Pickett often track down the actors of the videos they find and bring them on stage during a show. Many have long since forgotten that they made the videos and are flattered that they get to be a celebrity for a night.

“People seem to dig it. It’s not only nostalgia, it’s a weird part of humanity,” said Prueher.


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