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— Allison Christensen,

Editor-In-Chief —


When I took over as Editor-In-Chief of the Cardinal, I knew I wanted to do something different that would increase readership and student engagement. I also wanted to make the Cardinal a place where students of a variety of majors and interests could gain experience and work samples for their portfolios.

Making the jump from a monthly print publication to a weekly-updated website seemed logical to me. A weekly publishing schedule will make it possible for the Cardinal staff to create content that is timely and relevant to the Saint Mary’s community. Now we can report on an event that occurred yesterday, instead of three weeks ago.

Readers will have the ability to make comments on articles and share articles with their social networks, which will increase engagement and spread the Cardinal news to a larger audience.

Another advantage of going digital is the Cardinal staff will be able to flex their creative muscles more. We now have the ability to integrate audio and video into articles, along with higher quality images. Space is no longer a constraint, so the Cardinal will be able to expand beyond its current four sections to include other types of content.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of cutting the printed version of the paper is the money we will save. The cost of owning a website is significantly less expensive than the cost of printing every month. Not to mention more environmentally friendly!

Although it will take time to adjust to this new publishing style, it will be a great learning experience for everyone involved. I’m sure a few print fans will be disappointed, but I am confident that the Cardinal team will make this digital version a success.

Undergraduate students interested in joining the Cardinal team should visit the Join Our Team page!


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